Strake Delegate

ARK runs on a custom designed delegated proof-of-stake(DPoS) blockchain with 51 forging delegate slots and eight second block times. Each forged block creates 2 ARK which is sent to the validating/forging delegate for its work. Delegates are elected by ARK token holders. Users who wish to place their delegate into one of the top 51 slots execute a special vote transaction using the ARK Vault wallet, assigning vote weight to the delegate. ARK used in voting is not locked and can freely exit and enter the voting wallet address at any time.

Why vote for Strake?

We appreciate your vote. 50% of the ARK forged by the Strake Delegate goes to paying for the Server infrastructure and all services we provide. 50% will go to everyone that votes for us! All services, marketing, exchange listings, events and announcements are made across all of our social media platforms.


You can vote for Strake now by clicking here, Vote for Strake.


Learn more about ARK, voting/staking and more in our detailed walkthrough blog, The Ultimate Guide To Staking Your ARK.


Follow this instructional video made by the Ardent Team to learn how to vote.

Strake Delegate Status


# 51



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